Become a LOPSA Mentee and learn from some of the best in the business

It can be lonely starting your career as a system administrator or working someplace where you are the most senior person. Yes, there are books, mailing lists, and web sites — but a mentorship can be a professional relationship that lasts a lifetime. The LOPSA Mentor Program helps you find a mentor by allowing LOPSA members to submit a proposal for either a project based or freestyle mentorship.

Project-based (the traditional way)

If you opt for the project based route, you choose a project and work with your mentor to define it's goals and see it to completion.

  • Perhaps there is a service you can set up for your school or place of work.
  • Don't rule out hardware projects, or building functionality on top of what exists already (maybe networking or security-related?)
  • The best project is one that meets a real need, not a fictitious "practice project."
  • Most importantly: the project should have a well-defined endpoint or goal.


The other kind of relationship is freestyle, which enables you to start a mentor/protege relationship that revolves around common interests rather than a specific goal like a project. If you choose the freestyle route, we will help you find a mentor discuss your area of interest, be it your career, education, work relationships, configuration management, open source development, publishing a book, or whatever sparks your passion.

It's easy to get started today!

  1. Join LOPSA if you're not already a current member.
  2. Register at as a Mentee.
  3. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to browse mentors and request mentorship.
  4. Once your request has been accepted by a mentor, you and your mentor should agree upon
    • how often you will communicate
    • how you will communicate
    • if your proposal is project-based, a set of milestones and a timetable for achieving them